In the world of investment funds and regulation, you
might easily get lost by being blacklisted

However, it’s quite hard to find an optimal legal
and operational asset management solution

We’ll provide you

in administrating, licensing and
running an investment business,
management companies and funds
It means

We’ll select the optimal jurisdiction, license type and form

We’ll register a group of companies

We’ll provide comprehensive legal support in applications and further compliance

We’ll accompany operational and investment processes

We’ll develop policies for interaction with investors, contractors and regulators
My name is Vladislav, I am Managing Partner at Wolfline Capital and Chief
Development Officer at Investment Business Office.

IBO focuses on the processes of organising investment and financial companies
and mechanisms:
set-up, administration, legal and operational support of companies, enterprises
and projects in portfolio and investment management, hedge funds, venture
capital funds, private equity, insurance and banking businesses.

Investment Business Office is committed to offering quality
turnkey services (See Infographics) with due regard to
peculiar features of various investment businesses, for

Hedge fund – peculiar revenue generating strategies, tail-risk
protection, cutting operating expenses, regulatory rules, best
market practices and public advertising restrictions

Private Equity or Venture Capital Fund - scoring control of
incoming projects and businesses, peculiar evaluation of
start-ups and intangible assets, mechanisms of investment
attraction rounds, and development of project/business exit

Crypto Fund - a peculiar market, legal protection of investors'
rights, no clear answers to a number of regulatory and
practical issues, rapidly changing market practices, synergy
between a licensed classical financial sector and blockchain

Banking/insurance business - regulatory risks, multifactor
model of assets and flows allocation, rules and regulations,
primary AML/KYC liability

How to set-up a hedge fund
With our expertise, exceptional tailor-made approach, vast experience and extensive partnerships,

IBO can tackle challenges of any complexity and provide clients with a qualified support
in the unchartered waters of investment business.
Share your goals with us, and
we will show you the best way
to achive them


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