Business operations, including transactions, expansion,
funding, are important and complex processes aimed at
strategic development and success.

However, most companies fail to achieve their targets,
make mistakes and concede to their competitors,
losing time and money.

We’ll provide you

in the global private and public capital market in transactions, issuing securities, selling or expanding a business, launching a new project.

It means

You will receive advice on capital sources from the point of view of the relevant market, legal practice, regulation

You will be offered the optimal solution (type of security or transaction, jurisdiction, structure, investor segments, risks)

A full cycle of organizational and legal work for the planned corporate event will be carried out for you

We will properly package your offer for the markets and accompany its implementation

We will take over the dialogue with the capital market and post-service

My name is Nikita, I am Managing Partner at Wolfline Capital.

Our department is achieving customer goals. We provide a full lifecycle support in the global capital market, both financially and legally, by implementing M&A transactions, issue of securities, negotiation process, hypothesis testing, legal structure development and protection with maximum efficiency for your benefit.

Capital markets department is committed to offering quality turnkey services (see infographics) with due regard to peculiar features of solution options in terms of, for example:

Public and private capital markets – selection of the optimal mechanism for entering the capital market (stocks, bonds, other securitization, private capital, strategic mergers and acquisitions), cash flow modeling and investment packaging, liabilities structure analysis, legal and negotiation advice, investor and government relations

M&A and sale of the business – asset audit, cash flow modeling and valuation maximization, M&A packaging and entry with maximum confidentiality protection, buyer's due diligence, transaction support in negotiation, tax and legal terms

New project – target market research and hypothesis testing, development of regulatory and legal documentation, legal ownership and management structure, protection of intangible assets, financial modeling and investment packaging, selection of the optimal fundraising mechanism and support of negotiations, investor relations and government relations

  • Project
    or Startup
  • Small and Medium
  • Holding Company
    or Large Business
Detailed advice
goal alignment
achievement of results
  • Raising equary or debt capital under the best conditions. Building relationships with investors and regulators
  • Successful and error-free transaction of a merger, acquisition, securitization of enterprises or quitting a business
  • Implementation of a fully protected legal ownership and managment model. Tax burden optimization
  • Hypothesis testing in management, financial or legal research and modeling. Making the best and most profitable decisions

With our expertise, exceptional tailor-made approach, vast experience and extensive partnerships,

We can tackle challenges of any complexity and provide clients with a qualified support in the unchartered waters of investment banking.

Share your goals with us, and
we will show you the best way
to achive them
View our pipeline

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